Cheyenne – In the Studio

Sometimes the challenge for a shoot is adapting to what you encounter when you arrive. In this case we had a small work space which needed to be cleared, and a model who was young and still learning her style. Fortunately, she was a quick study, and we were able to commandeer a room for the shoot. The results are below, and I was pretty pleased with what we got.

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Bin – Discovery Park

Discovery park is located on the Puget Sound, on the coast of Seattle. While in the middle of the city, it’s a decent hike to get to the lighthouse and nearby beach, meaning it’s pretty secluded most of the time. This was the location of the shoot with my sometimes assistant, the lovely Bin.

For the urban setting images, we stopped off in a nearby industrial district.

Lighting was provided by a few simple flashes using a variation on the starving student’s off-camera lighting kit.

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Amanda – Sensual Headshots

Amanda wanted some lingerie shots, and came by the studio. In addition to the box shots, we got a collection of nice sexy headshots, as well as something appropriate for the boys overseas.

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Marci O – Cemetery and Kittens

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Northern Lights

On a recent trip up north, I was fortunate enough to get to capture the Northern Lights – something those who live there commonly had seen only a couple of times.

After a quick read of this guide on how to photograph the aurora borealis, I was ready. Unfortunately the only tripod available was missing a key piece, so I had to improvise. Rocks and fence posts were the most stable things available and were pressed into service with good results. It was cold enough however that in less than an hour I had mild frostbite on my exposed fingers – even with a few breaks thrown in. It was worth it to capture an event most of the world never gets to see.

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